Launch Day!

Rainbow – Relaxation and Sleepy Time Meditations for Children

I am so happy to have done this and that it’s now available to purchase.

Track 1: Through the Rainbow
Track 2: Healing Sounds

The first track on this CD is a Guided Meditation, a magical adventure through the colours of the rainbow.

Meditation helps children to relax both body and mind. It develops skills for dealing with stress and other negative emotions. It also increases creativity, improves artistic skills, self confidence, memory, imagination and strengthens the immune system.

The second track on this CD is a deeply relaxing Sound Healing experience with Singing Bowls, ideal before sleep.

Sound therapy with Singing Bowls and other instruments has been proven to be highly beneficial for optimum health and well being. Children are captivated by the beautiful, relaxing sounds. In particular, studies have shown that children with Autism and ADHD are able to tune into the sounds of the Singing Bowls, bypassing their often overloaded auditory experience of the world. In their normal alpha state these children can find it very difficult to be still, however most of them are able to relinquish control to the relaxing sounds of the Singing Bowls, thus stilling their minds and bodies with remarkable results.

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